The Telenor Nordic CDN service has been developed to facilitate and bring forward the Internet TV/video distribution market for Nordic and international content providers, broadcasters and Internet OTT-providers. The Nordic CDN service from Telenor offers unique solutions and customer benefits.
  • A proven track record for high-volume Internet TV streaming and handling of Internet TV flash crowds
  • A unique integration with the Telenor Satellite Broadcasting head-end service
  • Nordic, cross-ISP distribution capability with 3rd party operator hosting for the Telenor Nordic CDN distribution nodes
  • Integrated with a number of different CMS and video asset management systems
  • Integration with Telenor fixed and mobile broadband networks in the Nordics

Key highlights

Some key highlights of the Telenor Nordic CDN service includes:
  • Receives, stores and/or trans-codes and streams content from selected content providers under contract for content re-distribution. 
  • The services utilizes content distribution nodes in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, hosted with 3rd party carrier in Sweden and Denmark to achieve greater cross-ISP distribution capabilities in those countries 
  • In Norway, users in other ISPs are served over Telenors wide range of peering agreements. Content ingest is currently in Oslo. 
  • The service is fully integrated with the Telenor Satellite Broadcast head-end service, that carries over 250 live TV-channels, that can be trans-coded into Internet TV delivery by the Telenor Nordic CDN service 
  • Approved to handle MPAA-governed content


Telenor has been offering Internet video distribution services since 1998, and has worked with most Norwegian and many Nordic broadcasters and content providers looking for various webtv distribution solutions for their service offerings. 
Previous projects and events include:
  • Volvo Ocean racing 
  • Big Brother 
  • Winter Olympics 
  • Norwegian Soccer League for NRK, TV2 or Telenor Norge during the last 10 years
Current Telenor Nordic CDN customers include:
  • TV2 Sumo (for Telenor and Canal Digital broadband subscribers) 
  • NRK net-tv (on-demand) and NRK radio (all channels) 
  • P4 and P5 radio channels 
  • Max Fotball (2011) 
  • TVNorge TV-channels and TV-archive (2012) 
  • Comoyo (Telenor OTT service) 
  • Canal Digital Go (Canal Digital OTT service for PC and STB)
  • Various web-sites and online newspapers with web-TV offerings